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The mission of KEEP Alaska Competitive is to promote investment in resource development and secure Alaska’s economic future by advocating for a durable, sustainable and balanced state fiscal plan that provides for stable, competitive tax policies.

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Alaska has a deficit and is running out of cash.

What is Alaska’s share of oil revenues?

Under our current oil tax policies, the state gets paid even when producers are operating at a loss because they still collect royalty, property tax and income tax.

Alaska has had seven tax systems in 12 years.

Our resource industries need stability.
• Pre-2005: Economic Limit Factor (“ELF”)
• 2005: “Aggregated” ELF for Prudhoe Bay field and its satellites
• 2006: Petroleum Production Tax (PPT)
• 2007: Alaska’s Clear &amp: Equitable Share (ACES)
• 2014: SB 21 and SB 138 (natural gas)
• 2016: HB247
• 2017: HB111

Source: Alaska Dept. of Revenue

Alaska is at a crossroads.

Investment = more jobs, more revenue to state, and a viable economic future.
No investment = continued economic decline.

Our existing tax structure is working.

2016 saw the first increase in TAPS in 14 years.

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About KEEP
KEEP Alaska Competitive is a 501(c)(6) organization composed of individual Alaskans, Alaska Native organizations, businesses and labor groups who care deeply about our long-term economic future. We do not take contributions from oil producers.